Some Area Schools Request Senior Portrait Completion by November

In over 45 years of professional photography, Kevin Gravemann has seen generations of high school seniors in front of his camera lens. Kevin has photographed youth who would become future civic leaders, health care practitioners, politicians, judges and engineers. The Gravemann name has been synonymous with Master of Photography since its inception in 1955, when Ralph Gravemann started the studio.

Although technology has advanced, the thing that remains consistent is what goes into creating a memorable photo. Digital cameras have made it easy for an amateur photographer to produce a few good images. The stark contrast between an amateur photographer and a Master of Photography is evident in the color, lighting, depth and balance. A Master Photographer also brings out the personality of the subject in an image. This is vital when someone is paying for an heirloom portrait.

“An amateur photographer can correct some errors through a photo editing program, however if the photo wasn’t taken properly, the picture may still be of lesser quality,” said Kevin Gravemann, Master of Photography and owner of Gravemann Studio.

When it comes to senior portraits, a parent or senior may be tempted to go with a family friend or acquaintance who is just starting out, however many local school districts provide a list of recommended professional photographers. This is because these photographers have experience and understanding of specifications that are needed ultimately for senior photos in the school yearbook. Gravemann Photography is listed among districts as a recommended photographer.

Some area school districts are requesting that senior photographs are shot and finalized by November. Gravemann Photography is reminding seniors to start booking now so they can reserve the best times and discuss their attire, poses and locations.

Kevin Gravemann has been working full time in photography since 1988, however started more than a decade before at an age of 18. Kevin is skilled at printing gorgeous photographs and holds a Master of Photography degree from the Professional Photographers of America for both creative and photographic excellence.

Gravemann Photography, also known as Gravemann Studio photographs families, weddings, holiday portraits, pet photography, senior portraits and more. In studio, Gravemann has a large selection of props and backgrounds. Kevin Gravemann travels throughout the Greater St. Louis area to capture photographs and on-site, equally.

Those interested in learning more about senior pictures with Gravemann Photography, may go to or call direct, 618.254.3337.

Originally published on Web Wire, courtesy of Imagekraft Agency.

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